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My son bought this with his own money he saved and he loves his hoverboard. He is twelve and rides it all the time. It runs around the house and outside through grass, yards and to the playground. It plays music from his phone over the internal speakers quite loud even. I have ran around on it many times and it works great. I'm over 200 LBs and it doesn't have a problem.
– Todd

This hoverboard has a really smooth ride because of the air-filled tires. My kids use it outside on the sidewalk, in the driveway, and have even taken it on a cruise around our development and it's a smooth ride. And, it's fast. My son went on a ride with his friend who has one of the more common ones (the ones that come up most in the searches) and his friend's was beeping (full speed alert) long before this one reached full speed. (depending on who you're getting this for that can be either good or bad). My kids have used the smaller ones with the hard rubber 6" wheels and say they definitely think this one is way cooler :)
– Patterson

Amazing! The Bluetooth self balancing scooter works like a charm; the music is crisp and considerably loud! My 10 year old daughter has mastered the skill of operating it and loves it! It is definitely worth the money! I am so glad that I purchased this larger size as opposed to the smaller version because it is more durable! My daughter can even ride this machine on rocks and it does not slow down unless she wants it too!!!! AMAZING MACHINE!!
- Latisha

My kids are very happy I ordered the larger size, it's worth ordering the 10" self balancing scooter with real tires. My kids are on them all day!
- Eli

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