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Military Gloves, Skque® Military Half Finger Hard Knuckle and Full Finger Tactical Gloves

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Product Description:

This military tactical gloves are ideal for all kinds of versatile projects like paintball,motorcycle riding,shooting,skateboarding and etc.Secure protection when punching and doing various activities outdoors.
Durability Lightweight Washable Fingerless Wipe sweat.
Ventilate Wear-resistant Fingerless tactical gloves military Foam Protection.
Outdoor Product Airsoft Hunting Cycling Motorcycle Driving Military Gloves.
Strategically placed molded foam protect the back of the hand.
Prefect for multisports such as riding, exercising, and protection.
Wrists Velcro adjustment design makes gloves easy to wear and take off.
Tactical gloves military design protects your back of the hand against extreme impact and abrasion injuries.
Glove full finger designs for full protection.
Material is lightweight and breathable so your hands stay cool and comfortable in any environment. It is also ideal choice for shooters and bikers.
Adjustable straps fits all hand sizes, with easy on and off flexibility.
Ideal as driving gloves, motorcycle gloves,military gloves, shooting gloves, airsoft gloves, batting gloves, assault gloves and police tactical gloves.

Product Features:

1.Full protection for your hand
2.Reinforced palm, protects hands from impact
3.Nicely stitched, careful sewing, breathable material
4.Adjustable wrist design provide sense of snug and support
5.Anti-slip lightweight and fast drying


Please check your Palm circumference
Size: Large 23-25cm
Color: Black

Package Includes:

1 x Tactical Gloves

Weight: lb


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